Track Talk

Our Track Talk is the perfect event for every passionate motorsport enthusiast.

We are learning, laughing and discussing about our love of motorsport, fast cars and many other things in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. No matter if we chat in the pit lane or hang out at our sunny terrace, the Track Talk is always a big enjoyment.

You can choose between these Track-Talk-Topics:

Vehicle dynamics *

 Contact pressure & footprint
 Circle of frictional forces

Driving *

 Sitting position & cockpit

Driving to the limit *

 Driving to the limit
 input phase
 output phase
 Midway of curves
 Mistake management
 Minimizing mistakes

Attacking the race track *

 Straight lines
 Racing line
 Evaluating parts of a curve
 Evaluating track sections

* Prices of the tours: 299€ incl. VAT